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Appendix I Notes

This section contains information about known bugs and limitations in the mpatrol library as well as listing potential future enhancements.

Bugs should be reported to along with the details of the operating system, processor architecture and object file format that the mpatrol library is being used with — and don't forget to include the version of the mpatrol library you are using! Nowadays I only use Windows XP and Interix or Cygwin on Intel x86 computers, so I will be most likely unable to reproduce most of the system-specific bugs on other platforms. A bug report that comes with an associated fix will be most welcome.

Enhancement requests and source code containing enhancements should also be sent to or the mpatrol discussion group at If you are planning to implement an enhancement, let me know first in case I am (or someone else is) working towards the same goal — that way, work won't be wasted. If you wish to send me source code changes please send the changes as context diffs or in an e-mail attachment as a compressed tar archive.