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Appendix A Functions

The mpatrol library contains implementations of dynamic memory allocation functions for C and C++ suitable for tracing and debugging. The library is intended to be used without requiring any changes to existing user source code except the inclusion of the mpatrol.h header file, although additional functions are supplied for extra tracing and control. Note that the current version of the mpatrol library is contained in the MPATROL_VERSION preprocessor macro.

All of the function definitions in mpatrol.h can be disabled by defining the NDEBUG preprocessor macro, which is the same macro used to control the behaviour of the assert() function. If NDEBUG is defined then no macro redefinition of functions will take place and all special mpatrol library functions will evaluate to empty statements. The mpalloc.h header file will also be included in this case. It is intended that the NDEBUG preprocessor macro be defined in release builds.

The MP_MALLOC() family of functions that are defined in mpalloc.h are also defined in mpatrol.h when NDEBUG is not defined. The mpatrol versions of these functions contain more debugging information than the mpalloc versions do, but they do not call the allocation failure handler when no more memory is available (they cause the `OUTMEM' error message to be given instead).