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Appendix D Diagnostic messages

The following table lists the warnings and errors that are likely to appear in the mpatrol log file when problems with dynamic memory allocations and memory operations occur. Other types of warnings and errors may also appear in the log file, but they are likely to be associated with parsing options and reading symbols from executable files and so should be self-explanatory.

In all cases, if a warning or error is caused by one of the memory access checking functions (invoked through the use of the -fcheck-memory-usage option to the GNU compiler) then execution will halt regardless, despite what the description of the diagnostic message says.

If a warning or error occurs due to a direct call to an mpatrol library function then an attempt will be made to provide a log entry for the call. If the diagnostic was not caused by a normal memory allocation, reallocation or deallocation function then the log entry will be preceded by `LOG:'. The function type will be listed as `check' if it does not fall into the normal categories or if not enough information is available.

Note that on UNIX platforms, if the diagnostic message is caused by a line in the program source then the EDIT and LIST options can be used to illustrate more clearly where in the source code the warning or error occurred.